Davide Gerosa

Python modules for gravitational-wave research

This is a list of python modules dedicated to gravitational waves. I made this mostly for myself, but maybe can be useful to others.

I surely missed many codes: if I missed yours, please do let me know! I’ll be more than happy to list it here! Also, let me know if the description of your code is not accurate enough…

  • lalsuite: the massive library from the LIGO collaboration
  • pycbc: searches and parameter estimation of GW data
  • gwpy: how to deal with LIGO data
  • precession: PN dynamics of precessing black-hole binaries
  • gwsurrogate: surrogate models for waveforms
  • NRsur7dq2: one specific surrogate model, covering precessing systems
  • surrkick: extract black-hole kicks from surrogate models
  • gwdet: simple estimates of signal detectability
  • gwopensci: access public data from losc.ligo.org
  • gwmemory: extract gravitational-wave memory from waveforms
  • cosmic: a population synthesis code based on BSE
  • spops: a database of population synthesis simulations
  • GWFrames: Manipulate gravitational waveforms—changing frames, and so on.
  • surfinBH: final black-hole properties (mass, spin, kicks) using surrogate models.
  • bilbly: Bayesian inference, both GW-specific and more generic things.
  • binaryBHexp: visualizations to explore black hole binary dynamics.
  • bowie: LISA signal-to-noise ratios and plots
  • qnm: Kerr quasinormal mode frequencies, separation constants, and spherical-spheroidal mixing coefficients

Finally, let me advertise the Astrophysics Source Code Library (ASCL) where many many more codes for astrophysics research are indexed.