Davide Gerosa



Here you can find my public numerical codes and some online material supporting my publications.
Public repositories are (or will be…) available on my github and bitbucket profile.

PRECESSION. Dynamics of spinning black-hole binaries with python.

PRECESSION is a python module to evolve spinning black-hole binaries using both standard integrations and innovative multi-timescale methods.

Research material and tools

  • filltex: download latex bibliography items from ADS and INSPIRE.
  • Animations on black-hole spin precession, supporting arXiv:1506.03492, 1411.0674 and 1506.09116: spinprecession
  • Animations and data on supernova core collapse, supporting arXiv:1602.06952: corecollapse
  • Animations and code  on black hole kicks from numerical-relativity surrogate models: surrkick
  • Estimate your own effective-spin posterior, supporting arXiv:1805.03046: welovespins
  • Mining gravitational-wave data catalogs: webpage and public code supporting arXiv:1806.08365.
  • Full posterior samples of the three LIGO 01 events; data release supportingarXiv:1707.04637: GWpriors
  • gwdet: public python module to estimate the detectability of gravitational-wave signals from compact binary coalescences.



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