Davide Gerosa

University of Birmingham


Do you like black holes and gravitational waves? Come and join me and the  Institute for Gravitational Wave Astronomy at the University of Birmingham!

Here I list a few possible opportunities to work with me and my group. If you’re interested in any of these calls, feel free to drop me a line at dgerosa@star.sr.bham.ac.uk to discuss the application process.

Bham postdoc prize fellowships

The Birmingham Institute for Gravitational Wave Astronomy provides opportunities for postdoctoral prize fellowships. These are fully independent positions, where you would be able to carry out your own research program in gravitational-wave physics. Calls for application are published in the Fall.

National and international postdoc fellowships

I am very happy to support applications to national and international fellowships. Here are some opportunities open to early career scientists:

And here are opportunities for more experienced candidates with leadership potentials:

PhD in Birmingham

If you’re looking for a PhD in gravitational physics, then Birmingham is the place for you! The deadline is usually in December each year for positions starting in the fall.

  • General information on the program, including funding, etc.
  • PhD projects currently proposed by prospective supervisors in gravitational waves, including myself.

Visiting undergraduate and graduate students

Finally, here are some possible avenues for shorter (under)graduate student projects. If you are interested in a research project with me, I’ll be happy to support applications to this and other opportunities.

  • GWverse. The European network GWverse supports short scientific missions (STMs) for visiting scientists. These are nice opportunities for students enrolled in master and PhD programs in Europe to visit Birmingham and collaborate with us.
  • RAS undergraduate summer research. The Royal Astronomical Supports undergraduate summer research projects (6-10 weeks), which can be hosted in Birmingham.
  • HPC Europa3. The high-performance-computing network Europa3 accepts applications for scientific visits, and also provide sufficient HPC allocation to complete the project.
  • Fondazione della Riccia. This call is restricted to Italian students in their master, phd, or post-phd studies. Deadline is at the end of September each year.