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Grants and efforts

  • Horizon 2020 RISE Network: rise2016 
  • COST Action CA16104: GWverse
  • Caltech LIGO Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships: SURF


  • TV interview on gravitational-waves and black-hole kicks (aired on Cambridge TV) (here)
  • Press release: Using gravitational waves to catch runaway black holes (here)
  • Press release: New insights found in black hole collisions (here and here)
  • Phyiscs.org article: LIGO’s black hole got the boot (here)
  • CQG+ article: Gravity and scalar fields: live long and prosper? (here)
  • Caltech outreach journal: Spin alignment effects in black hole binaries (here)
  • Outreach coverage, astrobites: LISA forewarnings can help LIGO study black holes (here)
  • Outreach coverage, particlebites: Can we measure black hole kicks using gravitational waves? (here)
  • My outreach articles on the Italian online newspaper ilsussidiario.net
  • Birth of an idea, how scientists talk about the genesis of their ideas. Here is my own contribution.

Links to cool gravity stuff

Other geek things

  • Write python code compatible with both python 2 and python 3: cheatsheet
  • How to set up a new SVN repository and give right to others using RSA keys: SVN
  • A beautiful collection of Python tricks by M. Vallisneri: vallis/salon. In particular, this is a really cool script which I generalized into filltex.
  • To upload your python nerd stuff on PyPi check this tutorial (better) and also these other ones (1) (2)
  • List of named colors in Python: colors
  • Store configuration files (bashrc etc) in git: here
  • Lord of the rings dates are in your mac! Try: cat /usr/share/calendar/calendar.lotr
  • Star Wars in ascii… Try:  telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl
  • LatexOnline: on-the-fly Tex compiler for web-hosted files (e.g. from github)
  • Cambridge 23 research things
  • Interact with your google drive from the command line: github.com/prasmussen/gdrive
  • arxiv stats: here and here
  • How real is Star Wars (according to Cambridge)? here