Davide Gerosa

HopBham workshop

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With gravitational waves (and pandemics...) still raging, we organized an informal workshop to facilitate dialogue between our gravity research groups at Johns Hopkins and Birmingham.


We'll meet in Zoomland. Link will be circulated via email.


Thu Jan 21, 2021. Session starts at 9am EST, 2pm UK

  • Vishal Baibhav, JHU: The parents of LIGO’s black holes and their hometown.
  • Matt Mould, BHAM: Mining many messy mergers: Gaussian processes, GW population inference, and hierarchical mergers.
  • Kaze Wong, JHU: Applying normalizing flows to gravitational-wave populations.
  • Davide Gerosa, BHAM: We need to know what's missing. Gravitational-wave selection effects with machine learning.

Thu Jan 28, 2021. Session starts at 9am EST, 2pm UK

  • Vladimir Strokov, JHU: Finding IMBHs in the Milky Way globular clusters through Doppler shifts in gravitational signal
  • Emanuele Berti, JHU: The LISA key science interpretation work package: effects of low-frequency, mission duration, and figures of merit.
  • Daria Gangardt, BHAM: [Spin precession phenomenology]
  • Andrea Antonelli, JHU: Noisy neighbours: inference biases from overlapping gravitational-wave signals
  • Felix Julie, JHU: Black hole binaries in Einstein-scalar-Gauss-Bonnet gravity.

Thu Feb 4, 2021. Session starts at 9am EST, 2pm UK

  • Nicola Giacobbo, BHAM: [Accretion disks around SMBH, Bardeen-Petterson effect]
  • Roberto Cotesta, JHU: [Waveforms with higher harmonics and LISA]
  • Nick Speeney, JHU: [Dark matter profiles around massive BHs]
  • Zipeng Wang, JHU: [Plasma-induced superradiance around black holes]
  • Thomas Helfer, JHU: [Various NR stuff]


Please dump your slides in this git repository (go to "Add files", then "Upload files"):


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