Davide Gerosa


When I install something, hack computer things, or do a funny calculation, sometimes I write down the steps I did (just in case I have to do it again…). Over the years this resulted in a collection of notes/tutorial/instructions to address specific tasks/questions/issues of scientific research. I hope these pages can save you some time

Some might be outdated. Use at your own risk.

Probably outdated, this page contains notes to install a fresh python distribution, use python’s virtual environments, have python 2 and python 3 on the same system, and install packages on a cluster. This is the most viewed page of my website!

A github workflow to compile a latex paper automatically and provide a permanent URL link pointing to the latest version.

Browse the internet from home has if you’re on campus. A key thing during a pandemic…

  • installlal: My notes to install the LIGO Algorithm Library (lal)

LAL is the massive library of the LIGO collaboration, with all the software used for analysis of gravitational-wave data. Installation can be tricky, so here is my attempt…

  • svn2git: Farewell SVN, I’m a GIT guy now!

At some point I made the big jump to GIT, I’m a new man and I left SVN behind. These notes describe how to convert old SVN to GIT storing the repository’s history.