Davide Gerosa


Optimizing LIGO with LISA forewarnings to improve black-hole spectroscopy

Rhondale Tso, Davide Gerosa, Yanbei Chen.
arXiv:1807.00075 [gr-qc].

LISA is going to be amazing: supermassive black-holes, galactic white dwarfs, EMRIs… Besides all of that, LISA can help us doing LIGO’s science better. Some LIGO’s sources (notably, things like GW150914) will show up in LISA years is advance. LISA is going to tell us when (in time) and where (in frequency) LIGO will see these sources. In this paper, we explore the idea of adapting the LIGO noise curve if one knows that a source is coming in (because LISA told us). We apply this idea to ringdown tests of GR, and show how powerful they become!

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