Davide Gerosa


High-accuracy mass, spin, and recoil predictions of generic black-hole merger remnants

Vijay Varma, Davide Gerosa, François Hébert, Leo C. Stein, Hao Zhang.
arXiv:1809.09125 [gr-qc].

Black hole mergers are like a scattering problem. Two black holes come in, and one black hole comes out. The difference is a bunch of gravitational waves. Those are nice, of course, but the remnant black hole is important too! Here we provide accurate predictions of the mass, spin and kick of this remnant given the properties of the two merging black holes. If you need those numbers (want to build a waveform family? or test GR perhaps?) just use our python module surfinBH!

ps. Bonus note. What if you collide ducks instead of black holes? ducks

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