Davide Gerosa

Job opportunities for Marie Curie past holders and applicants

The Italian government has pushed a hiring program dedicated to holders and applicants of Marie Curie Fellowships from the EU. The call targets those that have either (i) completed a successful Marie Curie Fellowship in the past 4 years or (ii) applied unsuccessfully in the past 4 years but were awarded the so-called “Seal of Excellence”. 

For both categories, successful candidates will be awarded a 3yr senior researcher position (at the so-called RTDA level in the Italian system). RTDAs are hired as full employees with related benefits and have limited teaching duties. On top of this, candidates in the Marie Curie winners strand (i) will also be offered a substantial startup grant to hire their own PhD students and postdocs. 

All Italian institutions can act as hosts, so I encourage you to contact one of us in the country for more information.

In particular, the gravitational-wave group at the University of Milano-Bicocca provides a vibrant environment with activities ranging from relativistic astrophysics. gravitational-wave data analysis, numerical relativity, and gravity theory. The group counts faculty members Gerosa, Sesana, Colpi, Giacomazzo, and Dotti as well as tens of students and postdocs. The city of Milan is a jewel in the north of Italy with a charming international vibe (as well as mountains, history, art, and outstanding food). 

The internal application deadline is October 18th. If you’re eligible and/or interested in applying with us, please get in touch asap ([email protected]) and we’ll go from there.

Here are the relevant webpages (scroll down for the English text):

(i) Marie Curie past winners


(ii) Seal of Excellence holders:


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