Davide Gerosa

Efficient multi-timescale dynamics of precessing black-hole binaries 

It’s out! The notorious (ask my students…) “precession v2” paper is finally out! This took a veeeery long time; we checked and the first commit for this paper is from May 2020 (!). But the result is an exhilarating tour of spin precession at 2PN with 27 pages and 183 (!!!) numbered equations. We rewrote the entire formalism, change how we parametrize things, compute all we could in closed forms, and speed up the computational implementation. It’s cool, now performing a precession-averaged evolution is a <0.1s operation. If you’re into BH binary spin precession, this is the paper for you. All of this is now part v2 of our PRECESSION python module. So long, and thanks for all the spin.

Davide Gerosa, Giulia Fumagalli, Matthew Mould, Giovanni Cavallotto, Diego Padilla Monroy, Daria Gangardt, Viola De Renzis.
Physical Review D 108 (2023) 024042.
arXiv:2304.04801 [gr-qc].
Open-source code: homepagerepositorydocumentation.

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