Davide Gerosa

Glitch systematics on the observation of massive black-hole binaries with LISA

All right, this is kind of far from my day-to-day topics but working on this paper with Alice and Riccardo was super fun. Think LISA and supermassive binary black holes. And… the detector does what it wants. That’s not true of course because the experimentalists are amazing, but there will be noise transients: unexpected blips when the gravitational-wave signal will be corrupted. Here we look at what would happen in a realistic setting when a LISA glitch happens on top of a gravitational wave from a supermassive black hole.

Alice Spadaro, Riccardo Buscicchio, Daniele Vetrugno, Antoine Klein, Davide Gerosa, Stefano Vitale, Rita Dolesi, William Joseph Weber, Monica Colpi.
Physical Review D 108 (2023) 123029.
arXiv:2306.03923 [gr-qc].

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