Davide Gerosa

November graduations: 4 Bsc projects with us

We had another graduation session in November, and a whopping 4 people graduated with research projects in our group. Here are the new BSc physicists who just defended:

  • Matteo Falcone worked with the other Matteo (Boschini) on a simulation design strategy for machine learning;
  • Serena Caslini worked with Nick on a new strategy to classify burst GW signals;
  • Marco “104” Bianchi worked with Giulia and put together a neural network for black-hole binary spin precession using his gaming GPU 🙂
  • Martin “Top” Gerini was supervised by Alice on supermassive black holes, LISA, and glitches.

Congrats all (and twice congrats to Marco and Serena, who graduated with full marks and honors). It was great working with you. Matteo and Martin are now enrolled in an MSc degree in Artificial Intelligence (good luck!), while Marco and Serena are starting our MSc degree in Astrophysics.

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