Davide Gerosa

pAGN: the one-stop solution for AGN disc modeling

And the second paper on the arxiv today is Daria’s masterpiece! pAGN (which Daria says you should read “pagan”) is a brand new, super cool code that implements the hydrodynamics of AGN disks, at least in their most popular one-dimensional fashion. Those solutions have been around for a long time but their details were, well, let’s say unclear. Daria went through everything from beginning to end, coming up with the “one-stop solution for your AGN disc needs” (that was actually the working title of the paper…). So pip install pAGN and have fun.

Daria Gangardt, Alessandro Alberto Trani, ClĂ©ment Bonnerot, Davide Gerosa.
arXiv:2403.00060 [astro-ph.HE].

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