Davide Gerosa

The last three years: multiband gravitational-wave observations of stellar-mass binary black hole

Observing gravitational waves from the ground (i.e. LIGO, Virgo, etc) give us a unique view on “the last three minutes” of the life of compact objects before they merge with each other. Going to space (I’m talking to you, LISA!) will instead give us “the last three years”. Completed together with the rest of the Birmingham crowd, this paper provides a realistic view of this truly amazing landscape. LISA observations at low frequencies in the 2030s will be paired with high-frequency data from LIGO’s successors (the so-called 3rd generation detectors). Together (and that’s crucial, together!) LISA and 3g detectors will tell us the full story of the life of merging black holes. LIGO alone is like catching up with a movie because you were late at the theatre, LISA alone is like a huge cliffhanger before the series finale… multiband observations are a bingewatching experience!

Antoine Klein, Geraint Pratten, Riccardo Buscicchio, Patricia Schmidt, Christopher J. Moore, Eliot Finch, Alice Bonino, Lucy M. Thomas, Natalie Williams, Davide Gerosa, Sean McGee, Matt Nicholl and Alberto Vecchio.
arXiv:2204.03423 [gr-qc].

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